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Company profile

 VIRE Technologies

  VIRE Technologies was founded in 2003 and registered in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park of Beijing. With over sixteen years of experience in simulation and training, VIRE provides engineering, customized development, software, hardware, specialized products and overall services.

  Our primary customers are in industrial manufacturing, as well as research  institute and Universities in China. VIRE continues to innovate with new technologies, link closely with customers, and cooperate with worldwide partners to deliver advanced solutions.

  Until 2019, VIRE has over 150 employees in China, which is still growing rapidly year by year. Headquartered in Beijing and with other four branches in Chengdu, Xi'an, Nanjing and Guangzhou, VIRE can provide 24 hours immediate support to customers in great China and some regions of Asia pacific.

R&D centers in Beijing and Chengdu are the frontier of innovation for the company. VIRE will continuously develop, adapt and improve new technologies to meet the changing needs of customer in the future.